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Pendulum - Frank Muller Vanguard Lady

A reflection of a beautiful woman, the stunning “Franck Muller Vanguard Lady” timepiece, makes the ultimate statement in refinement. Define your identity with a statement that is utterly unmatched.

The Cintree Curvex compliments a lady’s grace and elegance. Beautiful to wear, exquisite to own, this gem of a timepiece is coveted by all. Won’t you indulge yourself?

Price: Starting at THB 325,000


1st Floor, Gaysorn


+66 2 656 1116-7


10.00 AM – 8.00 PM


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KWANPEN - Raffles Handbag

The stunning crocodile leather collection from KWANPEN is one of history and heritage. Dedicated to handcrafting the finest handbags and accessories made from exotic crocodile leather since 1991, the iconic Raffles Handbag is still highly coveted by women around the world today. Price: Starting at THB 175,900


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Bang & Olufsen - BeoLite 15

BEOLIT 15 Powerful Bluetooth speaker with up to 24 hours of battery Beolit 15 features our True360 omnidirectional sound, which lets everyone enjoy equally good sound no matter where they are, or where in the room you put the Beolit 15. And with 240 watts of peak power, there is enough sound to fill even larger rooms. It's easy to connect Beolit 15 to your music source. Whichever you choose, setup is quick and easy. The speaker grid is made from anodized pearl-blasted aluminium, and the holes have been intricately punched out - and carefully positioned to allow the optimum sound dispersion. The anodizing – protects the aluminium from scratches, corrosion and gives the perfect surface for adding color. Price: Starting at THB 29,950


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Brooks Brothers Shirt

Fine Brooks Brothers shirts from the world-renowned American brand, Brooks Brothers, offers precision tailoring in a variety of styles including the luxe Supima Cotton Shirt, the Iconic Oxford and the Original Polo Button Down Oxford shirt. The exclusive shop carries a wide selection time-honored classics. Price: Starting at THB 3,900


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Thann - Detoxifying Clay Mask

The new mud mask from THANN is fortified with enriched rice bran oil, cucumbers and rose for a revitalized sensation you can feel immediately. Made from 3 naturally beneficial mud types, each offer hydrating and detoxifying qualities. The mask removes all facial impurities and reduces oily skin. In addition, the cucumber and rose extracts help reduce pores. With antioxidant properties, this mask is the ultimate in breathing life back into your skin. Price: THB 1,200