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Gaysorn Chinese New Year 2019


Gaysorn Village Celebrates Chinese New Year with the RETREAT ๏ EAT ๏ ART concept offering special activities and promotions for the “GAYSORN CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019” campaign from 1 - 18 February 2019

GAYSORN VILLAGE the first and only “Urban Lifestyle Village” in Thailand host “GAYSORN CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019”. This wonderful Chinese New Year celebration welcomes a new year with an exclusive campaign guaranteed to meet today’s lifestyle community. Enjoy fun-filled festivities and wonderful activities with a touch of Chinese culture for those who love to shop, eat, and appreciate art with the RETREAT ๏ EAT ๏ ART concept. Don’t miss the event highlight, “Lucky Ang Pao”, for an auspicious opportunity to win exciting prizes when spending at least 80,000 Baht at Gaysorn Village. Indulge in a stunning array of delicious and healthy food dishes made especially for the grand occasion. As the Gaysorn Village is home to tasteful curation of art, they have invited young and talented illustrator, Phannapast Taychamaythakool, to beautiful animal decorations that adorn the entirety of Gaysorn Village, from 1 - 18 February 2019.


Welcome the Chinese New Year with a relaxed mind, body and soul. Enjoy the many aesthetic and wellbeing brands at the Gaysorn Village and the Gaysorn Urban Retreat:

• JURLIQUE, the Australian skincare brand, joins in on the festivities to deliver a fresh outlook on life during the Chinese New Year with the limited-edition Activating Water Essence in special rose and peony packaging. Symbols of good fortune, this special product with a concentrated formula adds to the natural radiance of the skin.
• LA VIE DETOX & WELLNESS CENTER, the health and anti-aging medical center emphasizes on rejuvenation of the body from within wishes to offer a special Chinese New Year gift to you: The Total Relaxation Massage. This aromatic oil massage uses radio frequency to relax muscles and alleviate pain while stimulating blood circulation at a special CNY price of just 2,800 Baht from 1 to 18 February 2019.
• MUNIQUE BY MURAD, The Exclusive Natural Beauty Club inspires great beauty from inside and out with the Energy Recharge treatment to strengthen your hair and scalp. This specialized treatment reduces fatigue and stress and stimulates blood circulation to the head, using pure Argan Oil and a signature theraputic massage technique innovated by the MUNIQUE CLUB at a very special offer of 3,400 Baht.
• Many other leading beauty brands including PAÑPURI, THANN, Erb, and CHABA will also join the Chinese New Year festivities with special promotions of their own.


Eating delicious food over the Chinese New Year helps bring friends and family together at the Gaysorn Food Village. Explore the extensive range of the Gaysorn Food Culture to taste many auspicious and deliciously created dishes for this special event at popular restaurants in Gaysorn Village, such as SUSHI MORI, KUB KAO’ KUB PLA,Ginza Tenharu, XINN TIEN DI, ERIC KAYSER


Gaysorn Village invites shoppers to celebrate with engaging art activities like the art exhibition by Phannapast Taychamaythakool. This famous Thai artist with her unique signature style brings forth a charming interpretation of the merging of both Thai and Chinese cultures. Phannapast dresses Gaysorn Village up in bright colors to welcome the Chinese New Year her exhibition, “Only For You” with the “The Meadows Universe” concept. Phannapast’s work is inspired by love, family and blessings. This exhibition is at The Galerie on the Ground Floor of Gaysorn Centre from 23 January to 31 March 2019

Lastly, end with special promotions of this Chinese New Year Festival. For any spending of 800 Baht, receive a set of red envelopes specially designed by Phannapast Taychamaythakool herself (between 27 Jan - 5 Feb). For any spending of 8,000 Baht, receive a free tote bag, and for any spending of 80,000 Baht, enter the “Lucky Ang Bao” lucky draw for a chance to win exciting gifts from leading brands in Gaysorn Village (from 1-18 Feb).

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