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Summer Afternoon Tea Set

The“Voila l'Ete!” Tea set include savory; Two Chouqettes of crab, apple capsicum dressing and Arenkha caviar, Two Kyuri cucumber sandwiches, cream cheese and pesto, Two Strawberry Gazpacho with shrimp, Two Tartinettes of 1823 tea cured salmon, salmon parfait, ikura, dill aioli with kombu seaweed caviar
For sweet; Two scones served with chunky strawberry Jam and authentic British clotted cream, Two refreshing summer fruit jellies, Two mango ‘sticky rice’ verrines with coconut rice pudding, fresh mango and Jasmine Pearl foam, Two salted caramel profiteroles with passion fruit jelly, Two macarons with rose cream, Two 1823 Summer Macarons
Indulge in a pleasingly sophisticated experience of Europe’s tea excellence today at 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt, Level One, Gaysorn, open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs.
For more information, please call 02-656-1086, email:


Level One, Gaysorn


+66 2 656 1086


10:00 - 20:00


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Boat Noodles

"Boat Noodles" For many decades, the signature Beef Boat Noodles at the iconic Provence Restaurant has been known throughout the city as one of Bangkok’s finest Thai and International eateries among locals and foreigners alike. The original recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and boasts a flavorful and fragrant soup with tender noodles and prime cuts of beef for perfection in a bowl. If you haven’t tasted the boat noodles at Provence, you haven’t experienced Bangkok. Price: THB 250 for beef noodles and THB 140 for pork noodles


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Peking Duck

"Peking Duck" Indulge in a traditional Chinese delicacy, Peking Duck, at the ever-popular Chinese eatery Xinn Tien Di. Affordable and delicious, the crispy duck skin is gently folded in light flour pancake with all the proper accoutrement and a special secret sauce to enhance the rich flavors of this perfect dish. The succulent duck meat can then be prepared in your choice of meing, garlic or sweet and sour style. Price: only THB 690 per set


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Fashion Afternoon Tea

"Fashion Afternoon Tea Set" is a more dainty one for the ladies. On the savory side, there's a pink shot with shrimp, salmon panini, foie gras terrine, ladyfinger eclair's and a Waldorf salad that's topped with a filo lady's hat.   The sweet deck makes room for chocolate that comes in the shape of a handbag, a high heel, a diamond and lipstick. Good thing that a lemon mousse topped with blueberries was also part of the mix — a much needed palette cleanser to wash away the piercing sweetness that comes from the edible fashionables!   All tea sets come with 2 pots of tea and the best thing is they don't get all pernickety if you'd like hot water refills. Price : 1,050 THB / Set


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Signature Macarons 2017

Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Sapy unveils his latest collection of signature Macarons for 2017. A collection of sensational flavours and sublime associations that push the boundaries of traditional macarons, the new variations include After Eight, Milk Chocolate & Earl Grey, Coconut Pandan and more. Try it all at The Mandarin Oriental Shop G floor, Gaysorn Village. For more information please contact 02-656-2118