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Presents Inaugural and largest independent luxury watchmaking exhibition in Thailand
September 4 – 8, 2019 Gaysorn Village, Bangkok, Thailand

For the first time in Thailand, eighteen global luxury watchmakers will gather to showcase their one-of-a-kind timepieces to timepiece collectors from the region. Jointly organized by Singapore luxury timepiece partner Jimmie Tay, Caureen Too and their Thai partner Khun Kannikar Thientawai with the support of Gaysorn Village and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the inaugural Bangkok Independent Watchmaking Exhibition kicks off with the main exhibition in Gaysorn Village, on the 4th September thru 8th September 2019 in the heart of Bangkok.

Eight exclusive custom designs will be unveiled by the luxury houses to commemorate the exhibition in Thailand, with an auction to raise funds for the “Kamlangjai Project”. This project is an initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendiradebyavati Krom Luang Ratchasarinee Siripatchara Maha Watchara Ratchathida, focusing its activities on the group of people within the justice system who are in need of opportunities, providing assistance and adequate care to female and pregnant inmates, as well as the children of female inmates at women’s correctional institutions.

These distinctive eight handcrafted timepieces, specially designed by international watch and clock craftsmen in the style of their brand, celebrate. The showcase of these timepieces hail from the time-honored houses of Ludovic Ballouard, Matthias Naeschke, Kudoke, Perrelet, Christophe Claret, Ateliers DeMonaco, Kerbedanz and Azimuth with their distinct designs and movements. Starting reserve price for each of these pieces range from USD 5,000 to USD 90,000.
The Charity Auction of these treasured pieces will be held at Crystal Box, 19th floor Gaysorn Urban Resort, The First Co-Sharing space in the heart of Bangkok, on 6th September, 2019 at 7:00 pm. The auction partner will be Christie’s.
“It is not just an exhibition of premier ultra-luxury timepieces. Much that we loveto appreciate and admire the tremendous creativity and skill of these watch craftsmen. We want this exhibition to also have a real purpose – that is to give back to the community, to this group of beneficiaries who have very challenging circumstances and this is a way to help them get back on their feet to support their families.” said Jimmie Tay.

In addition to the exhibition helmed by 18 international watch brands, most are not represented in Thailand. Many of the watchmaking houses and their brand owners are scheduled to attend and co-host some of the exclusive hospitality evenings.
Ludovic Ballouard, Xavier De Roquemaurel (Czapek) and clockmaker Sebastian Naeschke will visit Bangkok for the first time, so will the chief executives of the houses of Alchemists, Azimuth, Christophe Claret, Cyrus, Ateliers DeMonaco, Kerbedanz, Kudoke, Manufacture Royale, HYT, Speake- Marin, Paul Design, Perrelet, Romain Gauthier, Schwarz-Etienne and Strom.

The executives will be introduced to the vibrant growth market for luxury watches in Thailand, and they will meet an increasing group of regional collectors from Vietnam and Cambodia.
“It is an exciting time to see so much appreciation among a growing group of collectors from around the region. Affluence and travel have truly opened the
eyes and reach of collectors, and we have seen tremendous growth in the market and emergence of new markets.” said Jimmie Tay.
“Thailand has a long history of collecting watches and timepieces. In a lot of families, the watch from the grandfather is still kept and treasured, and the younger generation are fast becoming formidable collectors in their own right,
as they work hard to enjoy the finer things in life.”

This event has been well supported by Gaysorn Village, the first and only “Urban Lifestyle Village” in Thailand. Quoted by Charn Srivikorn, Chairman of Gaysorn Property,
"Gaysorn Village is the first and only urban lifestyle village in the heart of Bangkok located in the iconic Ratchaprasong District. It’s prime location in the center of Bangkok’s Downtown District is complete with departmental stores, 5- star hotels and renowned restaurants and spiritual attractions to all visitors. Known as the epicenter of lifestyle trends, the Ratchaprasong District also attracts many global luxury brands to set their flagship stores and hosts many world famous and city-exclusive events.
“Gaysorn Village being a curator for various experiences in addition to shopping, we are also passionate in bringing people together to share creativity and happiness. With many previous style experiences and lifestyle events such as Gaysorn Menllennial, Les Vendanges, Eat at Gaysorn, Gaysorn Urban Retreat

and Portraits of Life Photo Exhibition, we are proud and excited to co-host the 1st Bangkok Independent Watchmaking Exhibition 2019 that will take place in our very own Gaysorn Village venue. We are looking forward to many more the first time unique experiences in the Ratchaprasong District including the Customization & Personalization of timepieces to the watch loving community. This exclusive event offers customers and watch collectors to partake in the beauty and value of timepieces crafted from true artisans from revered independent houses.”

Thapanee Kiatphaibool, Executive Director for Tourism Products at Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) remarks that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is in full support for this Bangkok Independent Watchmaking Exhibition.
“I would like to inform our honored guests and members of the media that TAT has a policy to boost tourism expenditures. We offer visitors a wide range of goods and services, including hotels, transportation, health and wellness products. We also provide luxury goods to meet the needs of high-end customers.
Therefore, TAT has cooperated with Art of Time Co., Ltd. in the designing of a new watch. We supplied pictures of Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan and elephant images, since both are most recognized symbols of Thailand. TAT also provided descriptions on Wat Arun and Thai elephants so that the target customers can acknowledge Thai identity and uniqueness.
“Apart from providing images, TAT contributed information on important tourist attractions in Thailand, along with descriptions of paintings and photographs of traditional Thai art, to support the creation of unique watches. Each one comes with distinctive designs created by 8 designers from the world’s leading watch brands, including 1) Ateliers DeMonaco, 2) Azimuth, 3) Christophe Claret, 4) Kerbedanz, 5) Kudoke, 6) Ludovic Ballouard, 7) Matthias Naeschke and
8) Perrelet.
“In addition, TAT supported publicity campaigns both inside and outside the country to promote the activities. We are aiming to encourage tourists who have great interest in watches to visit Thailand for this event.

Inspiration idea: Color Theme Trend 2019
Concept design: Living Coral
Living Coral is a warm, vibrant yet mellow color between orange and pink.
This hue is associated with optimism, conviviality and joy. It was chosen by Pantone Color Institute as Color of the Year 2019 to represent also a reaction against digital world, towards authenticity and experiences that enable connection and intimacy. It also represents (of course) corals and more generally talking oceans. Consequently, it is a way to make us reflect about the “devastating” effect the society on the environment.

The Auction Book and Catalogue for 18 brands, please download from QR Code:

For more information, please contact:
Worldwide: Jimmie Tay Tel. +65-9222-7889 Thailand: Kannikar Thientawai Tel. +668-1816-4858

For Press: Please contact:
D Prompt Communication Tel. 02-305-6888, 095-702-3023
E-mail: Pawadee Isarankura (Wan) (098-980-0038) Public relations on behalf of Gaysorn Village

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